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The Slipcase is a blog and a journal on Folio, book collecting, and other musings.

Our aim is to provide interesting articles on The Folio Society, book collecting, book reviews, travel, poetry, typewriters, and anything else of interest.

The Slipcase is named in honour to the The Folio Society whom have dedicated themselves to publishing all great works of literature in fine slipcases.

Distributed in Portable Document Format (PDF), The Slipcase is best downloaded, printed out and enjoyed (we hope) with a glass of wine, whilst relaxing on an Eames Lounge Chair with an Ottoman, and listening to classical music, in one’s shed.

While we love all things Folio and suffer probably from Folio Acquisition Disease (FAD), we are for legal reasons obliged to mention that we are not affiliated with The Folio Society. All opinions expressed here are of the authors.

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A Note on The Folio Society

I have been a member and collector of books by The Folio Society since 2009 when a membership scheme existed. Membership sadly ended in December 2016 and now you can buy from them direct. I have a huge passion for Folio Society books.

Images and illustration are copyright of The Folio Society. They are reproduced here for educational purposes and/or by their kind permission and attributed.

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