I can’t deny it, but I’ve been looking forward to 2020 more than anything. That’s because I know it’s going to the best year yet. I’m going to progress and achieve all my goals and go from success to success. I’ve already had a great start this morning. I’m all rested and full of positive energy. I’m smiling more, and what’s better than starting a great day by enjoying a good warm celebratory cup of cappuccino to mark the start of the year. Old habits are dead from today. 2020 is a whole new me.

I’ve decided some changes that I’m implementing from today, and they are:

1. I’m not buying anything for the whole year. 
Yes, this means stop wasting money on things I don’t need. I’m looking at you Amazon Prime.

2. I’m waking up at 4.30 am every day, seven days of the week
Waking up early in the morning is one of the things that I’ve always wanted to do but have struggled with. Having time in the morning to not rush off to work, but being able to plan one’s day and to read is what I want to achieve.

3. I’m going to read more books 
With a busy lifestyle and working in London, free time is always a luxury and I’m saddened to acknowledge that if I don’t stir up things and change my daily schedule, I will not be able to go through my to-be-read list. The list is so long that I’m not even sure I’ll make it before retiring age. So my plan is to be effective and carry a book with me on my commute, read during lunch, and in the early mornings. No moment should be wasted in idleness. On your feet, soldier!

4. I’ve cancelled all subscriptions. 
Gone are Apple Music, Netflix, and Audible. It’s time that I actually finish listening to all those audiobooks I’ve bought.

5. I’m going to watch less television 
No more tv-series or Netflix. Yes, although The Crown is amazing and I’ve just started watching it on Christmas, it can wait a year, or just pick up the Penguin Monarchs about the Queen Elizabeth II: The Steadfast.

6. I’m going to listen to more radio broadcasts 
Less TV, more radio. I’m going to listen to BBC Radio 4 and use podcasts. The Shippings Forecast. Yes, I’m mildly curious and there’s a large cult following. BBC Radio 4 has a whole array of wonderful productions, such as In Our Time with Melvyn Bragg and Desert Island Discs, but there’s also the wonderful Slightly Foxed podcast.

7. I’m going to play (and learn) chess 
I’m going to play more chess with my niece. Learn more about it and join a chess club.

8. I’m going to learn French 
I’ve always had a desire to learn a foreign language. Learning French has been in my mind since 2005 when I first visited the city of Paris. I did try a couple of times but it never happened nor did I commit to it.

Breakfast served on Royal Copenhagen china. Source: Instagram © Jesper Klintdrup Polsen

9. I’m going to create an efficient morning schedule 
This is very important. It connects with number 2 above about waking up early in the morning. Mornings are vital and set the agenda for the whole day. A great start will affect you in positive ways during the day. This will not be easy but I have to create a habit and follow the schedule, but going slow and just by visually looking forward to a cup of black filter coffee in my favourite Royal Copenhagen cup, quietness and in contemplation, coupled with a nutritious breakfast and meditation and reading is enough for me to make a great start.

10. I’m going to publish my journal The Slipcase
My journal The Slipcase has been in my thoughts since it’s inception in 2013. I always wanted to publish a beautiful magazine, have a working website, and blog. I love working creatively, which is quite a departure from my day-to-day job, but it gives me something to look forward to. And I’m almost there. The Slipcase is all done and edited, and I’m just waiting on feedback and minor corrections as well as copyright permission for the use of images. The Slipcase will be available on the 15th of January. I know that all of you are excited to see the first issue.

So there you have it, my plan or new year resolutions for 2020. What’s yours? Leave a comment below.

– The Editor

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